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Paedriatic / strabismus consultation

Careful observation by parents can greatly contribute to early detection and treatment of vision disorders in children.

When in doubt, consult your paediatrician or make an appointment with us for a special consultation.

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The field of a paediatric ophthalmologist

Dr Françoise Roulez, FHM, is specialised in treating eye conditions in preschoolers, particularly:

  • detecting and treating refraction problems in children

  • detecting and treating visual impairment (amblyopia) and crossed-eyes (strabismus)

  • detecting and treating (if necessary in cooperation with other centres) congenital eye disorders in children, e.g. cataract, coloboma (a hole in the structure of the iris, lens, eye lid or choroid membrane), pigmentary retinopathy, etc.

  • Treating inflammation of the eyes in children, such as conjunctivitis, allergies, uveitis.

The field of orthoptists

Our orthoptists, Mrs. Esther Gentinetta, Mrs. Susanne Zanger and Mrs. Marylin Briand primarily focuses on detecting and treating

  • crossed-eyes (strabismus)

  • visual impairment (amblyopia)

  • problems with both eyes working together 

  • involuntary eye movement (nystagmus) and

  • dysfunctions of the eye muscles

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Orthoptists treat people of any age: from four-month-old infants to the elderly. They are specialists for diagnosing and properly treating abnormal vision development (in your child). Accordingly, they predominantly work at an ophthalmologist’s office or an eye clinic and work closely with the ophthalmologist.

Family history of defective vision?

If there is a known family history of defective vision (glasses, cross-eyed), a preventive eye examination is advisable – even if you don’t notice any abnormalities. The examination is covered by your health insurance.

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