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The three most common eye diseases

Katarakt- so sieht eine Katarakt (fortge


Cataract is an age-related disease, which results in a clouding of the eye lens.


As a result, the eye is unable to form a clear image.


Cataract occurs in every person between the age of 50 and 100.

Grüner star - fortgeschrittene Gesichtsf


This dangerous eye disease causes slowly progressing damage of the optic nerve. The patient does not notice this process, as the damage progresses without pain or problems. Consequently, the loss of peripheral vision is only noticed in the advanced stages of the disease. Left untreated, this disease results in blindness. Regular eye exams are recommended starting at the age of 45 for the purpose of early detection.

altersbedingte feuchte makuladegeneration, vista alpina augenzentrum, feuchte amd, dr. vandekerckhove

Age-related macular degeneration

There are different types of macular degeneration (AMD = age-related macular degeneration): the dry and the wet type.


The dry type can evolve into wet AMD. Wet AMD is more aggressive, rapid and has more serious consequences. The dry type makes up 85 – 90% of AMD cases.


Today, only wet AMD can (and must) be treated – if detected early enough.

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