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Refractive premium lenses for (upcoming) cataract surgery

As already mentioned under cataract surgery, an artificial lens replaces the patient’s (cloudy) eye lens. The artificial lens (intraocular lens) is implanted into the so-called capsular bag, where it remains normally for life. You can choose from various intraocular lenses: Standard lenses (with or without blue light filter) or so-called refractive premium lenses: toric, bifocal or trifocal lenses.


The additional charge for these refractive premium lenses (CHF 600.- to CHF 2,600.-) is never covered by the respective health insurance and therefore, must be paid by the patient.

These premium refractive lenses are not suitable for all patients, and the ophthalmologist must carefully rule out potential contraindications when planning a cataract procedure.

In addition to the usual exams before cataract surgery, additional and detailed measurements of the refractive power of the eye and the cornea are required.

The measurement data obtained are analyzed in extremely sophisticated calculation models in order to determine the best possible power of the lens.


In addition, the operation must not only be performed perfectly, but additional surgical techniques are also used so that the Premium refractive lenses can have the best effect.


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Your needs and expectations will be clarified during a consultation with your Vista Alpina ophthalmologist, and the best possible lens for the patient will be selected together.

NZZ am Sonntag: Cataract.

New lenses for better vision.

By Felicitas Witte, 31.10.2020
At first the environment appears blurred and out of focus, later more colourless, as if through a fog. Light dazzles and driving becomes difficult. Usually both eyes are affected. The diagnosis: cataract. JThe older people get, the higher the risk: from the age of 70, more than every second person has a cataract. Only an operation improves vision. The ophthalmologist removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial one. Read the article (in German).

Clinical studies about toric and multifocal artifical lenses

Dr. Vandekerckhove regularly conducts clinical studies on refractive premium lenses and holds lectures on toric and multi-focal artificial lenses both domestically and abroad.


He is also involved in developing new toric and multi-focal artificial lenses. Every year he performs up to 2000 cataract surgeries with up to 800 refractive premium lenses.

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