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What is AMD?

AMD is an age-induced condition, which advances exponentially with age.


E.g. 15% of people over the age of 85 suffer from an advanced stage of this disease. The constantly rising life expectancy of the general public contributes to AMD, which is now the most common severe visual impairment.

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Dry AMD can become the wet type. This type is more aggressive, faster and has more serious consequences. The dry type makes up about 85 – 90% of AMD cases. At this time, only wet AMD can be treated – if detected early enough.

Recognising AMD

People with a healthy macular see the Taj Mahal temple with its beautiful shapes as it is.


In patients with wet macular degeneration, the lines are distorted, especially in the middle of the picture. In very advanced wet AMD, the middle of the visual field even disappears. The patient only perceives a grey spot.

Follow the progress of AMD in the picture gallery.

Reading becomes more and more difficult. However, AMD patients will always have their peripheral vision, which is the most crucial for everyday life. It allows a person to find their way around a room, they see persons and objects approaching from the side, i.e. nothing stands in the way of living independently.

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