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Add-on lens after cataract surgery

In patients still requiring distance glasses after implanting an artificial lens, e.g. after cataract surgery, the remaining defective vision can be corrected by inserting a second lens ("add-on" lens).

This can be accomplished with a multi-focal add-on lens. The procedure can be performed at any time and provides as a general rule the option of life without glasses even years after cataract surgery.

Add-on lens after cataract surgery, vista alpina eye clinic, sion, valais, upper valais

The procedure, performed under local anaesthesia using drops, is extremely gentle and quick ( time needed for the procedure: 5 - 10 min.) for the patient. The add-on lens is inserted in addition to the already implanted artificial lens - in the so-called sulcus (= behind the iris and in front of the capsular sack).

After the procedure, you can normally leave the Vista Alpina Eye Clinic as early as 1/2 an hour later without an eye bandage, return to work after one to three days and already resume driving the next day, after a check-up with your ophthalmologist.

Costs of add-on lens surgery

You can live normally without glasses starting at CHF 3,450.- (depending on the lens strength) per eye (incl. surgery and lens)!

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