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News & information from the world of the Vista Alpina Eye Clinic


Recognized further training facility for specialist titles in 2021

Vista Alpina is proud to again be the only recognized training center for eye doctors and eye surgeons in Valais in 2021. We were again granted the authorization for both specialist directions by the Swiss Institute for Continuing Medical Education (SIWF).

Only clinics that meet the strict SIWF criteria defined by the wide range of medical services and the composition of the team of doctors are recognized as further training centers for resident doctors.

SIWF ISFM Zertifikat Ophthalmochirurgie weiterbildungsstätte für facharzt-titel, vista alpina augenklinik, visp, sierre, siders, wallis, oberwallis, dr. vandekerckhove augenchirurgie, ophthalmochirurgie
SIWF ISFM Zertifikat Ophthalmologie 2021.png
SIWF ISFM Zertifikat Ophthalmochirurgie 2021.png
rro Graustar
grauier star operation, katarakt operation, sehen ohne brille, brillenfreies leben, vista alpina augenzentrum, visp, siders, wallis, oberwallis, dr. vandekerckhove

Radio rro: Interview series in German on cataracts.

It is one of the most common eye diseases. Cataract. It is a clouding of the lens of the eye.


In the seven-part interview series with the Upper Valais radio station rro, Kristof Vandekerckhove, MD, explains to listeners,

what cataracts are all about, how they can be cured, and the various options for a glasses-free life after surgery thanks to the use of intraocular lenses.

rro Kurzsichtigkeit

Radio rro: Short-sightedness. Eyes disease due to lockdown?

Dr Vandekerckhove interviewed by Radio rro on the risk of developing myopia due to increased use of PCs, tablets and mobile phones:

"Spending hours in front of a screen has become part of everyday life for many people in the lockdown.

A study now says that this in particular could have serious consequences for children. The permanent focus on the screen and little time outdoors are just some of the consequences of lockdown.[...]"

Listen to the interview
Radio rro: Kurzsichtigkeit. Kaputte Augen durch Lockdown?, dr. vandekerckhove, corona lock down, nutzung digitale medien, schädigung augen
NZZ am Sonntag
Katarakt- so sieht eine Katarakt (fortge

NZZ am Sonntag: Cataract. New lenses for better vision.

By Felicitas Witte, 31.10.2020
At first the environment appears blurred and out of focus, later more colourless, as if through a fog. Light dazzles and driving becomes difficult. Usually both eyes are affected. The diagnosis: cataract.

The older people get, the higher the risk: from the age of 70, more than every second person has a cataract.


Only an operation improves vision. The ophthalmologist removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial one.

EDOF: the latest bifocal lens technology at Vista Alpina for seeing without glasses

"EDOF" stands for "Extended Depth Of Focus" and characterises a new generation of implantable eye lenses in the field of vision without glasses.

A special lens design, developed according to the varifocal principle, results in a bifocal lens that enables sharp vision at two distances.

bifokale linse, neueste technologie, sehen ohne brille, vista alpina augenzentrum, schonende alternative zu laser, dr. vandekerckhove
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